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Today, more and more people are seeking result-oriented treatments that not only protect their skin but also reverse visible signs of aging and improve its appearance and health.

Medical Spas bridge the gap between medicine and skin care. We go one step further to achieve visible results as well, by offering highly trained medical expertise.

Our professional team of trained and licensed medical skin specialists, supervised by Dr. Rifai, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, will help you decide what treatments or cosmetic procedures are appropriate for you, based on your needs and expectations during your complimentary skin analysis.


Advantages of a Medical Spa

Skin care products offered are more effective and pharmaceutical in nature, than those available “over the counter”. Clients will appreciate the convenience and proven effectiveness of clinical beauty treatments.

For our cosmetic surgery patients, skin care treatments at our medical spa will help prepare your skin for surgery and promote faster healing, with less discomfort afterwards. For patients looking to restore damaged skin to vibrant health or keep their skin looking young and radiant, our team would be happy to design a skin care program specifically tailored to your needs.

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