Massage Therapy


Body Massage Therapy 

With focus on wellness – our therapist is skilled in different massage techniques, customized to your body needs for you to achieve the maximum health and benefit.


Medical Massage

Rejuvenate your body and spirit with this medical therapeutic massage that energizes, improves circulation and aids in the removal of toxins.

50 min | $85

Viktor Kovalenko, Our Massage Therapist

Viktor has been practicing massage therapy for more than 29 years, helping people relieve pain caused from chronic headaches, auto accidents, sports injuries, back pain, sickness, poor blood circulation, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, wok related injuries, stomach injuries, cramps and any muscular pains and ailments.

He has owned Massage Therapy practices in California and Grand Rapids. An innovative pacesetter in Physical rehabilitation through Therapeutic Massage and state of the art Applied Science.

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