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Volume Lashes Eyelash Extensions | 2D-6D

Add volume and length to your natural lashes

A new Volume Lashing technique allows us to apply multiple lashes to one natural lash. We use ultra thin and light lash extensions to achieve glamorous VOLUME Lashes, while keeping your natural lashes strong and healthy!

Great for clients with naturally weak and sparse eyelashes to someone with healthy and strong lashes.


Volume Lashes Eyelash Extensions in Southfield MI

Benefits of VOLUME Lashes Eyelash Extensions

  • Add volume and length to your natural lashes
  • Gain 150-500 volume lash extensions per eye
  • Visit less often for maintenance with more lashes to spare between fills

VOLUME Lashes Looks & Prices

Double VOLUME | 2D

Simply double your lashes and gain up to 150 VOLUME eyelash extensions per eye.

2 hours | $300

Tripple VOLUME | 3D

Tripple your lashes and gain up to 250 VOLUME eyelash extensions per eye.

3 hours | $350

Ultimate VOLUME | 4D-6D

Gain 300 – 500 VOLUME eyelash extensions per eye.

100+ eyelashes per eye
4 hours | $400

New Application for Our Returning Lash Clients

$50 OFF the prices above

Preparing for Your Lash Appointment

Please remove any makeup from your eye area and avoid using eye cream to your appointment. If you wear contacts, please wear your glasses to your appointment.

VOLUME Lashes Fills & Touch-Ups

Our lashes grow on a cycle and shed every 45 – 90 days. We recommend to come every 3-4 weeks to maintain the VOLUME of your lash extensions. During this time a touch-up is needed to replace the lashes that have completed their lash cycle.

50% of initial application’s lashes must still be on*

3 Weeks

VOLUME | 2D-3D – $150
VOLUME | 4D-6D – $175

4 Weeks

VOLUME | 2D-3D – $175
VOLUME | 4D-6D – $200

VOLUME Lashes Gallery

Before & After

Client Testimonial

The service I received for lash extensions was great! They are thick, dark and beautiful. I dont wear masscara unless its close to getting a touch up. Also they are very natual looking.


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