GLOBAL KERATIN “The Best” Hair Smoothing

“The Best” way to rejuvenate, smooth and manage your hair for up to 5 months. “The Best” reduces the stiffness in the hair making it lose its natural curl, feel softer and become more manageable.

Juvexin – a special blend of proteins and peptides, penetrates the hair shaft to condition and moisturize, making the hair softer, more manageable, less prone to breakage and better to withstand heat. It restores your hair to its pristine condition by putting back the same properties found in young, healthy and vibrant hair, usually lost over time without the use of harsh chemicals.


  • Makes the hair healthier and stronger
  • Reduces styling time
  • Can be rinsed out instantly on same day
  • A customized formula for varying results without formaldehyde


Smooth, healthy and more manageable hair for up to 5 months


Our price for Global Keratin “The Best” Hair Smoothing starts at $200 for short hair length, and higher for thicker and longer lengths

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